Automated Instagram Post (May 02, 2022 at 08:42AM)

Here at PTL we are as committed as ever to provide all our fantastic guests with a welcoming, flavourful and fun lunch, dinner or drinks experience.
Due to increasing pressure on farming and the food system, our suppliers are experiencing price hikes across the areas of produce, fuel and labour to name a few.
As a consequence, we are raising the price of our lunch dishes 1:-
This enables us to pay the farmers a fair price for the organic, sustainable and delicious food we get to use and not squeeze those with whom we are so proud to work alongside.
We hope that you all understand and support us in this move.
Every plate starts with a farmer.
And we proudly support them all.
Dagens lunch : 136:-
ReTaste Måndag : 116:-

May 2, 2022